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Valencia, Spain
Simple, if I can do something for helping people and build a better world for us I will do. The sad reality is the human race we lost the humanity in own hearts owing to we were educated by a selfish and competitive system. I know this time is not for looking guilty, this time is for act together. Life's most persistent and urgent quest...
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My name is Patrick, i come from Spain and i'm in India only for one reason, get time for focus and write a book, but this is another history. My real job is plaster and i was working very hard for came here. I stay always in the same place, Palolem (Goa) because i came with the just money for survive, but i think i will travel during 10 days for discover the real India heart. Usually the people think that in Goa only have party but this is not true, in the south is really quiet and i was just looking for this to inspire me.

Inevitably when you are in a place for a few weeks you relate to the local people and you can understand what is really happen going here. Of course here have extreme poverty, but also wealth. I see the rich are racist towards poor people, even denying them a plate of rice. I'm conscious i cannot help everyone i would like, but even so those who ask me for food cannot deny it, also sometimes i give money to people when i see honest.

My first days in Palolem i was disoriented and an apparently happy Hindu marriage invited me to sit with them in her shop, starting then a very good friendships. Every night i go to visit them and bring you food, ice cream, fruits or anything i see. After the week talking and getting to know each other better, they open me their heart for tell me how is the strong pain they feel for the impotence  of never to be able to change their decadent life, while she turns her head for do not show her crying anytime.

Family history

They are from another state of India (Gujarat) and 25 years ago they move to Goa because no job there and they for looking a better life. The Goa people do not like that the other Indians come here for work and all of them are discriminate without helping. The whole family now is 8, the fathers Kamla and Parkash, Pia is the small daughter 12 years , big daughter Pooja 18 years, one son  23 years with her wife Lagsmi and 2 young children Partam and Pianka, also one young boy Piu gone at 8 years ago to the sky.

In the beginning when they arrive in Goa, they sleep on the street and during the day they are going to the beach for selling things, but the police always looking for them to seize take his things and also sometimes the money. Tired of running on the beach and hiding from the police some people recommend them working for commission in a store, and they accepted knowing that here begin their enslavement.

When you entry for first time in his store, you think they are a business couple, but that is not true, the reality always hides behind the appearances. All products in the store do not belong to them, different providers are responsible for supplying the products but a very high commission. As like 10 providers daily go to raise their money and if they do not sell anything, they are pressured by shouting and threatened them. They work 16 hours a day and varying the month of season can be win between to 10 or 0 euros per day, the average is like 5.50 euros. The couple sleeps in the store and pays 2500INR (36€) per month including rainy season, and all his children live in a room 3.5x2.5 square meters without toilet in the city of Margao that is a 40 km from Palolem. The older son works cleaning clothes for a 3000INR (44€) a month and this is the money they worth monthly the room, but just rigth now the owner of this room compleins pay a year in advance or they should to go.

I asked them, why not save a little money and buy the products without intermediaries? She looks at me and starts laughing, then ask me. How many money do you think we can save in one season? She also say me right away 17.000INR (250€), and with this money we need survive all family 5 months, here is monsoon, only storms and raining a lot. I ask again, how money do you think cost all products? And they told me 100.000INR (1470€).

The first time they invited me to lunch at home and meet your children, the room was really clean and tidy. When i talking with them i quickly recognized a great maturity, and after this i feel very touched to hear the voice of two warrior girls day a day facing a hard and discriminated  life for being poor. Pia told me her dream, and was only go to the school. They only been in the school 3 years because the girls finish at 8 years and if you want go more time you have to pay monthly even if it's public. Pooja the older sister not think anymore go to the school, she only want working. The friends ask her why she no goes with them in the Anjuna beach every Saturday work in the night market? And she tells don't have money for beginning. If you go want to the market need 50.000INR (735€), pay 20.000INR (294€) per season only for place in the market, plus 30.000IRP (441€) for buy all the things and then you are the owner were you can win 7.000INR (102€) per week.

The next days when i was in the room my head only thinking about this family, and i say me only 2300 euros for a better life for all this human.

When i make the video for all this family there are shy and not explain everything they feel, also please do not confused if they always smile and look good dress and clean.  Here i learn when much poorer, much smiling.

The most important i see is all family no one smoke and never drink alcohol. I know in the world have a lot people, animals and nature need help. I put the history of this family here for the world because they really need this money.

The spices they have is all homemade, they mixed with the pure esences. We just asked for the money they needed, i hope you understand we put the right extra euros for sending spices around the world.

I'm in the end of travel and in a few time i going to Spain but we are always connected with this family. If we get the money i send they to PayPal way or Western Union. Once day have the money i will again start my work to organize send the products to each one of you.

I use sometimes the translator, sorry is not all grammar right.

A littel suport always is welcome.

Thanks a lot.