Rulers of Damnation

Moscow Oblast, Russia
An Epic RPG where you the player choose which Kingdom you align with. Each of the 5 kingdoms is alignment based, and as a player you will gain sway with one of them, gearing up for the final battle. A game with a minimum of 25 different endings based off your alignment choices and then other endings based off of in-game choices. Start as ...
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An Epic Fantasy Based RPG where your choices truly impact the world, where those same choices shape multiple endings, where you impact the entire realm on a unique scale:

  • I'm Russell King, a long time avid gamer, I went to college for graphic and web design and got a taste of programming in my current job. I've been playing RPG's since I was 5, and I've been hammering out this story for over 18 years.

  • As an avid gamer, I feel so many games get convoluted these days. I want to make RPG's that a player can jump into and enjoy. Some of my favorite games follow a strict formula but leave out exciting features. I want to hold the player responsible for their actions. If they are of a good alignment and commit a crime I want their character to feel the sting. I want them to make a fall from grace and perform a redeemer quest in order to return to their original alignment. You will be able to recruit people, and you will be driven towards an epic battle to decide the fate of the realm from the standpoint of your kingdom. I want your actions to determine how well prepared your side is for that epic battle, such as troop counts, strength of your enemies, even what special characters will take place in the fight. I'm also firm on using real people for every humanoid character in the game to develop an organic and unique feeling. We are designing an Epic RPG either way for both the PC and a prequel for mobile devices. We simply seek to expand our team and deliver this masterpiece to you the consumer, faster and stronger than we could do with our current team.

  • By contributing to the game you will be creating a legacy of games that we aim to develop. Starting with this title. Every person in my team is passionate about games. We want to continue to make amazing games for gamers by gamers.

We ask you to help us accomplish this dream, and to help us deliver exciting game mechanics wrapped into enthralling storylines, combined with beautifully crafted graphics.

The Impact

What you are providing us with by choosing to donate to our project:

  • The impact we plan to make on the gaming industry with our project is significant. We aim to make an Epic RPG that becomes a house hold name, spawning multiple genre defining sequels across multiple platforms. We also want it to be one that people enjoy playing again and again and eagerly anticipate a sequel or added content.

  • We will have a working version of our product by January 2019 at the latest, with a minimal goal of specific features. Ideally, we will have all features implemented by this time but we aim to be realistic, without the funding from the people who are reading this Rulers in Perdition will take a significant amount of time to develop properly especially for a one to two person coding team. If we can raise our capital and expand our team to multiple coding experts then we will be able to not only hit the January 2019 deadline, but we will be able to implement all the features we desire. If we hit any of our stretch goals we will be able to implement these features quicker and have a working product by mid-late 2018. When you have 140+ characters to render, and the massive environment as well as complex game mechanics being introduced to work cohesively together you find why this is an Epic, and not just an RPG as well as why it will take so long to complete the project from start to finish.

Risks & Challenges

- Combining multiple features from multiple genres

- Successfully creating the final battle between all five kingdoms

- Ensuring that the flying, riding, and sailing mechanics are fluid motions that are not choppy

-Making a successful building system for personal kingdom building *Stretch goal feature*

-Implementing the largest class system and character customization system ever made

  • The easiest portion of developing this game is we are tying together components that exist already in other major titles spanning multiple genres. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are simply adding the pieces that exist already to turn wood into rubber so to speak. With that being said, our challenge is being able to successfully tie these features together.

  • We will overcome the challenges above by reaching out to my own personal network of developers I’ve established over the years since college who have previously worked on games or in other programming fields. Another way is by finding solutions by utilizing unity assets. If solutions are not present we will rise to the challenge by creating solutions through writing our own assets.

Thank you kindly from the entire team we look forward to dazzling you with your masterpiece!!!