Refugees War Stories

Tokyo, Japan
This textbook aims to give refugees a chance to share their story, their hopes, their fears and their dreams with you, me and the world. Through this book world will come to know the real consequences of War and Terrorism.
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Terrorist attacks, explosions, war, jihadism...these are the words that make the headlines of most newspapers and news programs, but what about the victims? What about those who had to abandon everything and everyone they loved to flee their country? Their voice needs to be heard and their stories to be told and shared with everyone around the globe. By telling their stories, refugees will be able to express themselves and to bond with us. It will allow us to get to know them, understand their reality and encourage a dialogue. It will also make us realize the importance of peace and the luck we have. This textbook has so much potential and implications!

Risks and challenges

This project aims to give refugees a chance to share their experiences, their hopes, as well as their dreams with each and everyone of us. It will give them a voice. Refugees are not a bunch of people seeking refuge, they are doctors, lawyers, engineers, students, parents and children that have gone through difficult times and they deserve to be heard. This is why, with your generous help, I will be interviewing refugees in order to create a textbook relating their journey.

I have been working with refugees in the Middle East before, and they have so much to say. This is why I decided to start this project that will take place in Japan. The funds will cover the expenses related to the project.