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Maryland, United States
In converting my own research on correlates of college and university graduation rates into practical use, this campaign will create an online workshop from which participants will learn to protect their investment in higher education and can become eligible for a unique scholarship program.
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Our Passions and Visions

Perhaps you also would like to see innovative approaches that promote new college student success and scholarship programs that track outcomes and impacts.  

  • The workshop creator and facilitator studied and managed higher education since 1988.

  • This campaign is important because it generates higher returns on investments in college.

  • Contributors will become part of a project that improves four year college performance.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We, as a nonprofit organization, need enough resources to design, implement, and evaluate online workshop and to purchase a management system for workshop delivery.

  • Contributors play an exciting role providing workshops that empower college students.

  • Contributions can fund a unique scholarship should we fall short of goal attainment.

The Impacts

  • Your contributions add value encouraging student and institutional successes.

  • Track record includes projects that elevated institutional performance and quality.

  • Progress reports on workshop outcomes and impacts will be available upon request.

Risks & Challenges

  • Credentials and activities generate awareness of 13% risk factor facing college entrants.

  • Our focus on students and their sponsors help them diminish risks to their investments.

  • Solutions surround the alignments between student assets and institution performance.