Music Foundation

San Francisco, CA, United States
We are an educational nonprofit company building a music education program AND scholarship fund to provide music education for everyone at a price that families can afford, especially in communities where our schools are losing their funding for music programs.
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Hey everybody! I am one of the member of Music Foundation, an educational nonprofit organization. It was about five years ago, I was between jobs and a friend of mine who owned a small music store with a thriving lessons program invited me to teach guitar. I loved it! It was so fun building relationships with these awesome young people and I discovered that our relationship was much more than "guitar teacher/guitar student", it was more of a mentoring role with these bright kids. I soon discovered that my friend's lessons program had been almost twice the size just a few years before but was now seeing dramatic decline. He also told me that as the schools were dropping more and more of their music programs, there was still a strong desire from kids and their parents to learn music. However, after the economic recession of 2008, fewer and fewer families could afford private music lessons. I began to do some research on the benefits of a music education and was overwhelmed with what I found. Students who learn music actually develop their brains in a unique and very beneficial way. Watch our video to learn more about that.

Having a background with nonprofits I suggested that we start a nonprofit organization so that we could build up a scholarship program for families that could no longer afford lessons or perhaps could never afford lessons before without some kind of financial assistance.

My friend has offered to sell his music shop and lessons program to us for HALF its estimated value so that we can run the entire enterprise under the nonprofit company. Therefore, all proceeds from the music store will now go to the scholarship fund.

A few years ago we were able to build a really great little recording studio right next door to the shop, so we can now offer lessons in recording, producing and mixing to those who are interested in that aspect of the music business.

I am joined in these efforts by my two partners, Ralph Burnett and Peter Johnson. Ralph is in charge of the recording studio where he will not only teach recording arts and composition to students but also establishing a record label and publishing company so that artists and students can share and promote their music with the proceeds going to the scholarship fund as well. Ralph is a Music Supervisor and Composer for Television and Film and former Products Manager of MCA Records/ Universal Music in L.A., and brings a great deal of knowledge about the music industry to our company. Peter is our business mind. With a successful background in business, he is also a musician and a songwriter and has found that our vision is one he can get behind passionately and has dedicated this chapter of his career to it.

Today we are attempting to raise $50,000.00 to get our vision off the ground and really moving. This money will be used as follows:

1. $20,000.00 to pay off the purchase of existing program.

2. $10,000.00 to go immediately into the scholarship fund.

3. $10,000.00 to seed ongoing fundraising efforts.

4. $7,000.00 to purchase  much needed instruments and equipment for our students to begin learning and sharing their music.

5. $3,000.00 to pay money owed to talented and goodhearted professionals who have helped us with their expertise to this point, deferring payment until we raise the funds.

NOW...PLEASE KEEP READING! This is NOT an effort to launch a program in one location here in Auburn/Grass Valley CA. It is the beginning of a movement! We intend to create something that can be replicated anywhere there is the need.  Our goal is to open three locations within our first two years. From there...? the sky's the limit. We see this program in communities all over the US and beyond. While cultures and governments may not place a high value on music education, WE DO! And we know that you do as well. Please give as generously as you can today to help get this much needed program the start it deserves.