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The market today is flooded with overpriced, plastic sunglasses. Stale designs, cheap lenses, uncomfortable frames. Popular brands have been mass producing the same styles for over 30 years. We sought to create something more special, and started by reimagining your classic, everyday shades.
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Our Mission

We are a team of engineers, designers, and creators who have represented some of the largest and respected retail brands in the world. We are excited to continue the same work, but as entrepreneurs building a brand we are passionate about. We're focused on bringing together distinct designs, comfort, and quality craftsmanship with each one of our products, and to start we're launching with a line of sunglasses we're really proud of.

This campaign represents the start of a brand and the culmination of many years dedicated to our craft. With your support, we'll be able to continue on this journey together.

We are extremely proud of our designs and believe that it takes special craftsmanship to bring them to life. After nearly a year of developing, iterating, and improving our prototypes with a team of master craftsmen, we're finally confident in putting our frames into the hands of our backers.

We're bringing something completely new to the sunglass game with our Proprietary Blackout Lenses. These offer our standard Smoke Tint in the shade or indoors, but quickly change under direct sunlight. To those checking you out, your Blackout Lenses will have a richer, deeper and darker hue, giving you a distinct look that no other pair of sunglasses offer today. And by adapting to your surroundings, these lenses actually help combat eye strain and glare no matter how powerful the direct sunlight is.

We don't believe in distorting your vision or adding excessive flair to our lenses. All of our lenses are designed to decrease glare while maintaining true color perception. They are all UV 400, offering the highest quality of protection on the market today by blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB light.

We want our glasses to be so comfortable that you forget you're even wearing them. Light, balanced, and flexible. Many brands today are promoting frames made of exotic materials like walnut wood or bamboo. These often look great, but bottom line is they are extremely unforgiving and usually uncomfortable, like wearing a pair of picture frames on your face. We've stuck to time-tested materials like high-grade titanium, known for ultralight comfort. 30% stronger than steel, but nearly 50% lighter.

Many of us are still rocking the same sunglass styles that were popular over 30 years ago. But everything else around us has changed. We've dropped the baggy jeans, the cargo shorts, and the fat ties. We believe it's time to step up our sunglass game as well. We're inspired by classic designs, but strive to create fresh, contemporary styles without the excessive flair.

While we're confident in our plan and timeline, we want to acknowledge that we're still learning each and everyday. This really is just the start of our journey together. Your pledge will help us fund the first production run of our sunglasses ever and we're so excited to get these into your hands this summer. We will notify our backers immediately should we encounter any delays.

Thank You so much for your support and please help us spread the word!