Knops - The volume button for your ears

San Francisco, CA, United States
What if you could adjust the volume of life itself? No more flights filled with crying babies. No more risk of your ears falling off at that concert. No more loud neighbours. Only the sounds you like to hear, when you want to hear them. Sounds good? Well, hear us out. Double pun. Super intented.
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How do Knops work exactly? 
Well, it’s actually pretty darn simple. Each pair of Knops has four steps. Adjust the Knops to step one and you will hear what you would’ve heard without plugs.

But the real kicker enters the stage when you switch to the other three steps. Step 2 will reduce the volume to filter the noise of a vibrant city, step 3 will adjust the volume to a live music setting and step 4 will create a silent environment ideal for work. Four different modes for basically every audio situation.