Glitter-A musical Film

Rome, Italy
I am Denna, and I am here to raise funds to create and release a musical film for my song "Glitter." "Glitter" is based on the ancient Chinese proverb, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." In these uncertain times, I choose to glitter a candle. Will you glitter yours with me and illuminate the world?
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Hello! Thank you for landing here. My name is Denna Patinson. After spending 14 years in biomedical research and obtaining a PhD in neuroscience, I have come to find that MUSIC is a bona fide medicine that can create real change both personally and globally. Recently, the world-wide climate has taken an uncertain turn. What is the anecdote? How can we make an impact? How can our voices be heard?

One answer is to use music as medicine, to create an anthem that bonds us instantaneously and globally in our quest for meaning, an anthem that uplifts us and gives us back our power. Let’s come together and create our collective anthem--a community, bonded in artistic expression, shining our candles brightly.

With your help, we will create an extraordinary audiovisual art piece based on my single “Glitter" that will highlight our ability to overcome personal and global challenges by giving one another strength in the darkness. This will be a musical film, having both elements of a music video and a short film. In order to manifest this vision, we are asking for your help. Your money will fund a full, three-day shoot, top-of-the-line editors, animators, writers, and filming locations. It will also provide quality perks that appropriately reward you for your contribution.

With our musical film, “Glitter," we are will create an audiovisual experience to touch your soul and give you the confidence to shine your light and give to the world by using your individual super power. We hope that this art piece is a catalyst for positive change in the world, one person -one candle- at a time. By interweaving and paralleling a story of domestic violence with the more global story of how we are mistreating mother earth, we intend to demonstrate our ability to overcome personal and collective pain when we unite. We will also provide many incentives along the way to make it fun for you to share the campaign. We ask that you join with us, and create the ease and joy that a group effort can bring. We need your light!