Gallery for Undiscovered Art

Denver, CO, United States
This gallery will be a platform for street painters and other artists who don't get any platform to showcase their talent. Here public will choose and buy the art work of their choice. It will be a tribute to real and undiscovered art.
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There are many online avenues for artists to share their creativity & their passions, but in Denver there aren't many galleries for everyday people who are yet to have the opportunity to be discovered.

Our gallery is about helping undiscovered artists reach people, creatively, emotionally & face to face!

We would like to offer retail & gallery space for all types of Craftsmanship.

Whether it be paintings, sculptures, jewellery, photographs or even food!

We also have a passion to see our creativity come to life in Specialty Coffee. Diverse Art & very well made coffee are essential to our vision.

We would like to look in to booking Art & Craft tutorials & Art Therapy sessions in the future.

With the funds we will:

Pay for Bond, Lease & Legal expenses.

Pay For Council fees for development, car parks & licences.

Fit out Expenses inclusive of decorating, Lighting, Security, Signage, plumbing, Cleaning, Installations, electricals

Pay for equipment needed : Fridges, Coffee Machinery, Tables & Chairs, Kitchen appliances & Miscellaneous.

Advertising & search efforts for local artists to exhibit!

Risks and challenges

The space we are hoping to create comes with its challenges.

A lot of people put so much time & emotion in to their artwork, in to their business, only to not see it recognised, or to have the avenues to reveal themselves to the world. We see this challenge & hope to create a space that people who are willing to take a creative risk can express themselves to locals & people beyond.

The main challenge will be council's acceptance of such a venue in Denver. We can open as an Art Gallery in the space we have found - but we need to funds to allow for more parking in order to expand in to a full fledged Coffee Shop, which we really believe will draw more people.

There are community halls & organisations that are doing great work in the area, but it is definitely something that is wanted in the community, & finding the right place with the right zoning will be difficult, but still achievable if the right actions are taken.

Not everyone is attracted to the idea of a Gallery on its own, so we are using our Coffee skills & locally sourced treats to draw people in from all walks of life.