Ervin Tea House

Ankara Esenboga Airport, Ankara, Turkey
A clubhouse having a tea corner with our own doors in beautiful Abak is a dream which needs your help. Surrounded by beautiful lake, this tea house will be a hub where youngsters will have the best tea to explore the talent in them.
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A very well saying ”Time Moves Slowly But Passes Quickly”.

Hi, I am Ervin (co-founder and manager) of Ervin Tea House.

In 2014, i opened my own tea house to bring great quality tea to the people of Abak. I don’t have that much money or experience to run my own tea house, so i added one of my friend Yosar with me. We worked so hard and progressed faster than expected.

Slowly our tea house becomes the hub for cool guys spending time, playing games, inventing new ideas, making new music bands. Then we thought of increasing our tea house domains. A tea house with our own doors having separate area for reading, composing music, playing games, designed with good quality of infrastructure. Our tea house will be completely changed to a club house with a tea corner. This is a dream project for us and will be the result of our hard work till now.

By flying the Independent nest we'll think of more extensive food offering to further compliment our tea, more seating both indoor and outdoor, more convenient opening hours and what we hope to make a super quick and easy takeaway experience.

We are also thinking of joining hands with the leading tea companies like (Berktas, Kale Olive). To make this happen  we need your help!

Risks and Challenges

Running business is never an easy task, there are always challenges to face, specially for a Tea house like ours. Searching an awesome location for tea house was the major task which we have done. We have investigated a lot and then finalized one. We assure for the delivery of rewards as soon as we can and we've tried to account for the difficulties we might face in the estimated delivery times.