Erden House of Love

Chicago, IL, United States
Hello, my name is Mary (Erden’s Granddaughter). I am on a quest to fulfill a vision that came to me while taking a drive one afternoon. That vision is to open a daily life center for the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia.
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I have worked in many medical settings over the past 2 years.  Medical surgical, rehabilitation, psychiatric, and even inside the operating room.  I have come to conclude that I am definitely operating within my purpose; However I found my true love working with elderly patients who suffer from brain disease or injury such as Alzheimer's or Dementia.  After years of working with my Grandmother Erden who suffers from Dementia, God has decided that it was time for me to share my love, compassion, and understanding with the world. I want to open a Life Center for individuals just like Erden.

Chaundra  (Erden's Youngest Daughter) recalls:

About 18 years ago I was able to still laugh and joke with mom with her knowing without a doubt who I was. She was excited about me graduating from high school. Mom enjoyed caring for all of her children and grandchildren. Dad passed on 21 years ago, but she kept her spirit of love and compassion for all of the children. Mom worked 33 years at a mental health facility. Her goal was to make sure every person afflicted by a mental disorder felt loved. I spent several days with her during the summer at the facility where she would have me filling fruit cups for the patients. She used to tell me to make sure that I fill each cup with love. I didn't understand what that meant then, but I do now. In 1999 mom had a massive stroke which left her paralyzed on her left side. It was the very same day that I left for basic training. I asked my recruiter to change my packet to Reserve, so that I could return home and care for her. Over the years mom has been faced with many health issues, even being a cancer survivor. While her physical health slowly declines, so has her memory. Today it is hard for me to see mom knowing that to her I am a nameless stranger.  As I continue to fulfill my purpose by serving my country, mom is living with my older sister and niece who provides great care for her.

The vision for Erden's House of Love is to embrace life's physical and mental changes that accompany aging in the most loving and compassionate way possible by placing emphasis on the "I Can" and understanding the "I Can't" in a funfilled environment.

We will offer family support groups that will educate, encourage, and support the family members who desire to provide care to their aging loved ones.

Donations will be used to satisfy the cost of any and all certifications and licensures required for operation, for the purchase of a location and its furnishing, and to complete any needed renovations to meet all federal, state, and city requirements. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to an Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Organization/Charity.

I am working day and night in an effort to reach my goal but I cannot do it alone. I need your help and support. All donation amounts are accepted and appreciated.

Erden's House of Love will be a place where everyone's prescription for love is filled with unlimited refills.

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