Debut Album for Kids

Kentucky, United States
Cuddle, the band: After four years of recording in the garage and releasing concert-only CDs, we decided to take our best songs and record them in a proper studio. For this dream to come true, we need your help!
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“Cuddle” a music band who composes storytelling songs for kids. Their music is a mix of rock, garage, country, folk and blues, but no matter what genre they're ripping off, the goal is the same: creating the opportunity for that "a-ha" moment in the kids who are listening. From the musical involvement of every kid in their shows, to the subject matter of their songs, to the lack of an elevated stage in their performances, they aim to get on their level.

ABOUT THE ALBUM: Our debut album is a collection of our favorite songs to date. We span the genres of rock, punk, blues, country, folk, and spoken word in this record. Here's the type of stories you're gonna hear:

The Ballad of Single Cell (An Amoeba): A science song about a loner cowboy amoeba named Single Cell. The music sounds straight out of a border town. The loner amoeba, Single Cell, might be modeled after Ed Harris's character in Westworld.

We Can All Be Dinosaurs: Beatles/MarcBolan-style rock pop tune about a craze that's sweeping the nation - adding "a-saurus" to the end of your name.

Animal Band: A strummy, rootsy tune about a group of animals who all answer an ad for a band that's forming. A lot of animal noises ensue.

Welcome to the Hippocampus: A spoken word tour of the place in your brain where forgotten things are filed away, as given by a hippo.

PROJECT GOALS: We are asking for your pledges to fund the following elements of this project:

  • Producing the album on CD, Vinyl (pressing 180G vinyl at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN) and streaming services

  • printing album art and liner notes

  • Compensating additional session players on the album who brought even more firepower to the jams

  • Compensating the visual artists working on the album art

  • Paying for much needed marketing materials for the release of an album: like costs for the website, photography and art for promotional materials, and a music video.

Risks and challenges

Our album has already been completely recorded and is only awaiting mastering and pressing/digital. However, certain unexpected hiccups can happen when pressing vinyl, CD production and manufacturing of donor gifts. We are confident enough to handle such things. We will communicate about our progress through Backer Updates and social media posts.