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Houston, TX, United States
I've set up this unique champagne in the hopes to gain enough support and funding to complete my first ever full fashion collection to submit at London Fashion Week. Unlike any other creative collection you've already seen, my ultimate vision is to create a captivating catwalk show where fashion meets theatre and every garment has a story...
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Dark Origin has awoken yet again to create a high fashion gothic collection filled with history, cultural couture, Angels, Demons, Mourning Brides and much more!...

With using materials sourced from across the globe, toe bones and sequined laces from America, Ruff cut crystals from Lithuania, 3D printing from Spain and luxury fabrics from my England home.

Designs inspired by the religiously undead and those who are trapped within the horrors of limbo itself. Forever forced to walk the earth between two colliding worlds of darkened unrest, frozen in a circled moment of time.

I bring to you an all exclusive collection, set to transform the face of Mystic Magic itself bring us out of the fairytale and into a new dimension.

Hello my name is Soman. I haven't long turned 21 and I'm a UK based self- taught female designer located in the green lands of Norfolk, Kings Lynn to be more exact. I specialise in hand crafting bespoke masks and headwear with an all unique couture fashion twist.

Since last year I've slowly started to venture more into clothing design while dabbling in my artistry talents. At the moment I'm delved in the process of creating my biggest and excitedly awaited first full featured collection to be aimed at London Fashion Week

For as long as I can remember I've been full of creative imagination and able to see past the obvious. Where most people would see a pile of junk I'd think of it as a playground full of treasures.

I created Dark Origin as a safe haven to escape to when everyone in the world seemed to have abandoned me. It was there where I sort comfort in creations from my own imagination to give purpose and make sense of the darkness that had unforgivably fallen upon my mental state of wellbeing. Eventually removed from schooling and plagued with numerous breakdowns, my confidence was stripped barer than the bones that lay beneath the ground. I was subjected to harsh cruelty that left me in a very dark place. It was only then at my lowest point I sort to a glimmer of light burning sharp like the delicate flames of a candle. I sacrificed the last remnants of my fractured heart in the hopes to feed the fire to burn bright as the night sky shining as one amongst the stars enveloping Dark Origin into the business it is today, a beacon of hope to all those that stand wounded beneath the feet of others showing our life is in our own hands not theirs. They may name and shame us but in the end we get to choose which path to take.

I've started up this campaign in the hopes to help achieve the completion of my first full collection. For me this is no ordinary project as it represents my journey through the gates of limbo. Like a gothic fairytale filled with darkened despair, every creation designed down to the tiniest detail represents an emotional part of me that has long since been caged within eating away at my glowing light as if it was a demonic disease destroying every part of what made me human. It's taken many years to get to the state of finally being ready to let go and leave all the shadows behind moving onto a new chapter of life full of happy and brighter things. "Like a phoenix I shall rise from the ashes" This collection will be the means to an end and the beginning to a life changing transition that needs your support in order to succeed.

By creating this collection and unleashing it upon the world, it will allow me to lay bare my scars and release all the hatred that has shrouded my life for so long, turning something truly ugly into a work of beautiful artistic expression. Words cannot even begin to describe how much this whole project means to me on a spiritual level and the self healing it will achieve whilst boosting my confidence and self belief.

All I can ask is for you to have faith and trust within me as I warningly hold open my hands to take anyone who is willing upon an unforgettable journey that's is sure to break boundaries in the world of fashion. My mind knows no limits to what can be achieved if given the right support and help from others that believe in me.

Risks & Challenges

With any big project there’s always going to be risks involved. One of the major issues I’m facing at the moment is time, being able to clear time to make the designs for this collection and giving time for collaborators to craft selected components that I may not otherwise be able to do myself. As I am only one self-employed person who runs my whole business 24/7 I have to stretch out to keep on top of everything else allocating segments of time towards each project - You cannot rush perfection.

  • Other obstacles that I may face along the way could be achieving my expectations as some of my designs even though I can clearly see them living in my head may actually not be as easy to pull out into the real world, but life was never meant to be easy! When fate gives you lemons, I bake a cake - I’ve come across many challenges in my career and thankfully have managed to overcome them fantastically learning a thing or two along the way.

  • When the collection is completed and we get round to doing the photography and video side of things I can imagine there may be a few hiccups pop up but yet again can easily be seen to as they arise. I have a vast experience in organising photo shoots for showcasing my design work.

With all these risks and obstacles there will somewhere be a solution and with my near unbreakable determination I will most definitely overcome them one way or another!