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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
In Greenwich, to build up new Aim library one of the solution to enhance education for children in districts and about a one hundred thousand children who are not access go to downtown library due to far distance. This project aims to enhance the education quality and encourage children’s desire to study. There are number of children who ...
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Hello, I am Henry Cling from Greenwich.

About me

I am the project founder and leader. I have master degree in Agronomy and grew up in this district. Despite my full-time work, I have been working and implementing projects that aim for the district’s children and public.

We are working on a project called “Aim Library” which is dedicated to the children who live in the this district.

In every corner of this district, there is no library except only for the local school’s library. Each school tends to have 1500-2000 students, its library’s capacity is 16-20 students with 16-25m2.  This is not sufficient enough standard.

If secondary school children who live in ger district want to read books in a public library, they have to travel for 10 to 12 km and spend lot of time. Public libraries are located in the downtown of the city.

Children are having difficulties with their school library

  • Most public secondary and high school libraries have limited space

  • Book fund is insufficient

  • Inadequate desks and chairs

  • Book fund is not insufficient

  • Long distance between children’ home and school and to might happen any problems

  • They have to spend money, time and effort to travel to public libraries which are located in downtown

After setting up a new library

  • In ger district, there will be a number of libraries

  • Children who live in the ger district will have more opportunities to study and to read.

  • Children will have options to select the nearest library to their home

  • It will encourage them to study and expand their knowledge

  • They will spend their time properly

  • They will become patient

  • Gaining knowledge and studying, children will develop themselves and have higher self-confidence.

  • Academic performance will improve

A Greenwich has 3 sizes big, middle, and small. We have chosen a big one for our project. The floor size of a ger is 63 square meters, with a radius of 4.5 meters. The height is typically 4 meters in the center. We will make book shelves for 1500-2000 books that lean onto its wall. This ger library capacity will be 40-50 students with one librarian.

This project aims to increase the education quality and to encourage children who cannot spend time in a library to study, because of poor and insufficient facilities to study.

“The Aim Library” project implementation will be held in the city among its 6 districts.

We have a 2 step plan.

1st step: First three district, one library for each district, 2017

  • We will launch first library October, 2017

  • Second library November, 2017

  • Third library December, 2017

2nd step:  Next three libraries in 2018.

In 2017, we planned to build up 3 libraries. Through this project we aim to fundraise money for the first library.

When we have money for 1st library, then we would work on the 2nd and 3rd library projects. In 2017, we are planning to implement 3 library projects which means we will be able to serve 30240 children in following year.