Capoeira Festival

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
We will be hosting the second event of Capoeira in Abu Dhabi. This gathering is a 3 days workshops and training for kids and adults. This will be tribute to the heros who ae masters of Capoeira from various countries. This is our approach of making this unique art famous all over the world.
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In 2012, in my 6th year of practicing Capoeira and admiration, I decided to take the path of self discovery, love for the arts and contribute to positively touch lives of people in my community.

I left what was the obvious choice of following my medical talent as a surgeon to embrace the full of surprises and fulfilling life of an artist. A martial art educator, a friend, a confident and a student of life.

For the past 3 years I have been working with children and adults building our Capoeira community in the United Arab Emirates, contributing to little and big people's well being, confidence, fitness and self awareness as well as accompanying them through the path of being.

This year our team has successfully organised and hosted our first festival of Capoeira, self discovery and achievement. Now we are planing it for the second time. But without your help this won't be possible.

During our first festival gathering, children and adults of the UAE from different cultural, religious, social backgrounds, with and without disabilities come together to immerse in a 3-day program filled with workshops, shows, music, dance and change of grades.

We are short of 1500. Here is the list:

· Visas (6 visas for 2 Angolans and 4 Brazilians)  

· Visas Deposits: AED6,000.--  

· Tickets (11 assistants and 1 lead master. Destinations include: Angola, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Brazil, USA and Cambodia)  

· Accommodation (11 assistants and 1 lead Master)

· Remuneration of the lead Master and assistants

· Venue (3 days of total 16 hours)

· Sound system and microphones

· Uniforms and graduation cords

· Catering over 3 days for the lead Master and assistants (12 people over 5 days AED150/day)

· catering on the Batizado morning for all attending in form of finger foods

· backdrop printing

The Batizado income would cover the below fees:   

Considering that I have over 100 students kids and adults that train with me weekly at the academy and at different schools in the form of after school’s activities, our experience has shown that around 30-40% of the students will make the step to register and pay a fee.

Registrations tend to be made and completely paid for, around 9 – 12 days prior to the first workshop day.  

Your contribution will help us:

to host this event at an affordable rate give a chance to children from under privileged families to partake in a global event with international participation without having to make the trip abroad enable us to set the milestone towards a Capoeira academy in the UAE participate in a unique art project that focuses on holistic health, physical training, music, rhythm and self defence If you are not able to help us with funds, please tell your friends about our project, spread the word, spread love!

Risks and challenges

The event is planned for 10th November and will not be cancelled or postponed. So the risk of you helping us out and the event not happening is ZERO.

So, please, invest in us and you will be taking part in a fantastic community project.